Jhon CAge

Ludger Brümmer: »Speed« (2006)

Ludger Brümmer: »CELLULARIUM« (2009) music

Rosalie– Composición lumínica

Gorka Alda

Gorka Alda

John Cage playing amplified cacti and plant materials with a feather

Alvin Lucier “Music for solo performer” 1965 (Alvin Lucier amplifies his own brain waves)

Morton Feldman and Samuel Beckett  “Neither” (1 of 5) Opera

Samuel Beckett “NOT I” 1973

Stockhausen “Cuarteto para cuerda y helicóptero”

Kurt Schwiters Sound Poetry

Kurt Schwitters Sound Poetry Ursonate

Sound Poetry Today

Philadelpho Menezes and Milton Ferreira

Natalie and Michel Basinski US

Maurizio Nanucci Italy-Cut Music

Valeri Scherstjanoi Germany

Jaak Blond Holland


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