Photgraphy/Cinema HANS RICHTER Rhithmus 23 3’,23(1923), Rhithmus 26 3’,44(1926) Stop Motion- Flipbook Filming SQUEEZ ME 3’26” (2008) Matrix Style Flipbook animation ANIMATION- Animated films Les Astronautes -Chris Marker/Walerian Borowczyk-1959 (mix diferents sources/sketches, sections, machines, recortes) Les Astronautes -Chris Marker/Walerian Borowczyk-1959 “L´Ouvroir” Chris Marker- Michel Favre- ( 3d animation/ diverses Digital sources in a virtual space/ editing by layers and windows frames) La Jetee -Chris Marker- 1962 (Fotonovela/viaje en el tiempo) “Take me out”, Franz Ferdinand-Jonas Odell- 2004 (3d a base de fragmentos 2d/miscellaneous editting collage/ machinic/Dadaist/De Chirico/ Royksopp Eple (linked postcards/ making zoom and image traveling)  David Hockney Nine Cameras (2012) Walerian Borowczyk – Les Astronautes (1959) 



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