“Sara Santos´s work is highly energetic, but emerges in unusually subtle ways. It is intellectual, visually challenging and humorous. Sara´s ideas are expansive in nature, materializing into a diverse formal language that integrates multiple media, varieties of forms of presentation, including performance and collaborations. She has always demonstrated an unorthodox approach to process and materials. Sara does not simply work with materials, she investigates them. Oftentimes, like a scientist with no specific way, she is left to reveal some hidden truth, or to insert new layer of creative fabulation.
Sara has demonstrates a tremendous work ethic that expresses a unique stance and movement through the word. Sara is curious and insightful and not afraid to take risks. Her work process is one that attempts to utilize all her skills and opportunities for investigation. Her studio space is a powerful display of interactivity where images and ideas are juxtaposed, creating anomalies that question the assumed normality of things.”
Greg Stewart.
Drawing bet results and Drawing bed Process  (Project “Drawing Bed” Sara Santos)

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